Job Hunting – Using a Career Management Team

In today’s complex world, searching for a new job isn’t easy. Are there still too many people searching for a new job? Is my CV getting to the right hiring managers?

There are several big internet recruitment agencies, but can they really offer me the help and assistance that I need? What are their success rates? Are they just looking for easy money, or are they genuinely interested in helping me?

After spending over a month using some of the internet recruitment agencies, I decided that a different approach was required. The feedback from the agencies was very poor, and I had no confidence that my CV was getting to the hiring managers. It was time to enlist the help of a career management consultancy.

During the past few weeks, I have met with the regional director of a career management consultancy, to gain a better understanding of the services that he and his team can provide. I have also had a chance to review their career development programme, to see how the programme will help me to find my next job. I strongly believe that using a career management consultancy will significantly increase my chance of finding a new job within the next 2 – 3 months. I also believe that the career development programme will help me to find a job that is significantly better than any of my previous jobs.

Today, I had my first session with one of the career management team. This session was used to get to know each other a little better, and gave me a chance to explain my career history. Hopefully, the career management team can use this information to improve my CV, and to tailor it to specific opportunities (as and when they arise). I was also given a large amount of ‘homework’ to do, to provide further information about myself. I’ll provide more information on the nature of the homework in a later blog post.